Change To The WATER Method: R = Rules

So after having a child and moving my practice to a different location, I decided that it was necessary to re-evaluate the WATER Method. After all, its important to do a little introspection every now and then. After some thought I realized that something wasn’t quite right.

If you’re not familiar with the WATER Method, go ahead and check out my explanation of it on my main page. Basically WATER stands for Words, Actions, Thoughts, Emotions and Results – the Five things you can change about yourself and the world around you. But then it dawned on me that a fundamental idea was missing in all this.

The idea was the Rules, or core values, that we have that shape many of the Words, Actions, Thoughts and Emotions we have about issues in our lives. Ever have a negative thought or idea about yourself, or call yourself names, like “stupid” or “fat”? Sometimes these are based in negative rules we have about ourselves and the world around us, and sometimes those Rules have to change.

Granted, I’m usually not one to go around suggesting that we change many of our Core Values or Rules. Most of the time those Rules are a good thing, but every now and then they’re not. In future posts, I’m going to go into this concept a bit more, so we can get a sense of what we can expect from changing the Rules we have set up that may be hurting us.