Sometimes, You Need To Make Sure You Know Where You’re Going

Being a Dad has been fun. Seriously. But sometimes my head goes to funny places, like this image I made the other day. But then it got me thinking about something I hadn’t even thought of. Like, who are you following around? I mean, Frodo followed this disheveled guy with multiple personalities to reach his ultimate goal. So does desperation make for strange bedfellows?

I guess I wanted to throw the idea out there, because I think sometimes we have to make a choice about following someone else, or following what we know to be right. I’m sure there’s a Twitter joke in here somewhere, but you get the point, right? Who are you following and why? Has it helped you get better? If not, who will you follow to get better, and at what cost?

Comments welcome, folks. I’m curious to hear what you have to say.