Never Give Up, Never Surrender

You know, by now I figure that there has got to be some strange force working against me, because there just seems to be no end to the obstaces in my way for blogging and Twittering.

Remember my laptop? The one that I thought was dead but was really alive? Turns out, its dead again. And that’s really sad, because I love the doggone thing. When it dies though, a couple things happen:

1. I have no internet at home

2. I can only use my BlackBerry Pearl to blog.

Neither of these optioons are very appealing, but given the circumstances, using the Pearl is what I needed to do, especially to prove a valid point.

I could just give up on the whole blogging thing. After all, its not like I haven’t jostled you around with my switching over from to My SEO is prosbly in the toilet as a result as well. I suppose I could let the fact that I had the busiest week of my career last week (42 clients scheduled, 35 showed up), and another one coming up affect my desire to do this.

But if I can teach you anything about what I do, its to never give up, never surrender.

Why? Because giving up is for wimps. GIving up is for people who don’t want better for themselves and their family. If you give up, then all the work you put in getting to where you are at this point is for nothing.

So if you ever feel like giving up, come on over here and keep reading. Because there are times when I feel like doing just that. Then I snap out of it, and tell myself that I gain nothig by giving up, and that only by persevering do I gain anything of value.

Have you ever felt like giving up? What did you do to get through it? Talk to me people.