When + How = Who You Want To Be

So while meeting with a client this week, we were talking about how he could change who he is. Now why would he want to do something like that? Because a lot of times when I work with people, they don’t like the behaviors that they’re doing, and as a result, they sometimes feel as though this is “who they are.”

In reality, its not “who they are,” but the patterns are so strong, its hard to see your life in any other way. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I believe that people develop patterns of Thoughts and Actions. After you’ve made a choice about these Thoughts and Actions, those choices become automatic. You stop thinking about whether or not you should do something, and you just do it.

So breaking that habit is pretty tough, right? Well, for those of you out there who are analytical, and less touchy feely, this one’s for you. Its an equation we came up with in session, and I think it works if you’re trying to take action toward changing who you want to be.

When + How = Who You Want To Be

In order to make sense of this equation, we have to define the variables right? So let’s do that:

1. Who You Want To Be: This should be your target right off the bat. You’re thinking about this because you don’t like who you are, or what you’re doing. As a result, you have an idea in mind as to who you want to be. Get really specific about this, because if you don’t have a specific plan, its possible you could be running around in circles. Heck, its pointless to even think of When and How until you have this in order.

2. When: This has to do with the time of day you choose to make changes, and how frequently you make those changes. So many people make plans to change, but don’t set a timeline for making those changes. In order to change, timing is key.

3. How: This is your plan. If you know when you want to change, but don’t have a plan, well, good luck changing. “How” also follows the same method as “When.” What are you going to do? Does this plan involve you doing it more often each day, or do you have to do it once?

So who the heck do you want to be? How and When are you going to get there? Have you thought about it? I know I have, and its got me thinking about what else I can do to help people. If I want these things to happen, I need to have a plan for When and How I’m going to do it (The WATER Method Book, anyone?)

Got a plan and implemented it effectively? Share your story here!