Being Wrong

There’s something missing from this blog, and its my last post. It seems I was wrong about Spalding Gray and the extent of his treatment. I have John Boland, the representative from his estate to thank for setting me straight, and that my research was poorly executed and flat out wrong. To learn more, as I had to, go to the official site for Spalding here:

As a result I want to apologize to him and Spalding’s family for misrepresenting the information about his life and death. He did a lot of great roles and I should have been much more careful in how I discussed his condition. As a result, I think I’m going to quit the whole movie therapist criticism for now, until I can make sure I know what the heck I’m talking about.

Therefore, I deleted the last post out of respect for Spalding and his family. Which brings me to a very important point.

Its OK to be wrong, so long as you realize it, take responsibility for it, and make changes in your life. If I sat there and got all bent out of shape, I would spill myself down a further spiral of nonsense. I’ve seen this happen to others, and I’ve seen this happen to me.

If you know you’re wrong, I suggest just admitting it, and making the changes you need to make sure that never happens again. That is how change takes place, by making a stand with yourself and a decision to ensure that your life goes in a different direction today than it did yesterday.

Anywho, short and bittersweet today. I’ll do another post tomorrow and this time I’ll stick to what I do best and leave the critiquing to the critics. Please forgive my supidity and carelessness and I hope I haven’t lost you as a result.