Change Is Gradual

I recently had a client come into my office and tell me that counseling wasn’t working. They said that they try the methods, and it works for a while, but after that time period they fall back into the same pattern. I understood his frustration and it was clear that something else needed to change in order for them to get the results they wanted.

In all of this though, I recognized a very simple truth that needed to be passed on.

Change takes time.

You can make a decision to be someone different, do something different, or feel something different. But the fact still remains, that despite those changes, they have do be done over time.

No duh, Jim. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Too right. But think about that saying in and of itself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but somebody had to plan the building of Rome, so that a day wasn’t wasted in its construction. Without that plan, the workers could meander aimlessly with no plan, and what could have taken years might have taken generations to accomplish.

So where’s the happy medium? I mean, you’re not trying to build Rome, are you? Any change that you take on needs to have a couple of things: Time and Planning.

These must go hand in hand. If you have all the time in the world, and don’t plan, you could go on forever “trying” to change, and that’s exactly what you’d be doing…trying. You could have the best plan in the world, but without the time to implement it, its merely a good intention.

So in order to change, you need to take the time to enact that change AND have a plan for change so that when you take the time to do it, you’re not wasting that time.

So if there’s something you’re looking to change, give yourself a reasonable amount of time, and point yourself in the right direction. Then continue take the time and implement the plan so that you don’t experience frustration in the plan “not working.” It only works if you keep the plan going.

What do you think? Ever had a failed plan? I’m all ears.