Life Going By Too Fast? Take Time To Slow Down!


I recently had a surprise birthday party for my sister where I invited all her nearest and dearest friends. We were super stealthy about it, and kept it top secret! We even had a friend of hers kidnap her for the day and bring her to our home! Sure enough, we pulled off the surprise hook, line and sinker.

During the planning phase of the party, I was not sure how to manage my dog. See, my dog Arwen (Lord of the Rings Elf, in case you were wondering) is very….how do I put this…fast. She’s friendly and fast all at the same time. So the minute she saw all the people at the house, it took her all of two seconds to sniff each and every new person. She ran through the house at an alarming rate, and I tried to get her out the door and in the back yard before she jumped from chair to chair, pouncing on every guest in the house!

The group of partiers commented on how crazy she seemed, and one person got a picture of her. She posted the picture on Facebook, and said “I’m surprised I didn’t get motion blur, because the dog was going so fast (or something like that).”

It got me thinking: How often do we speed through our lives, saying quick hellos to the people that we meet; not really making strong enough connections with them before they’re wisked away and moving on to their own lives?

When we get into our routine, days seem to blitz by, don’t they? Get up, get the kids up, go to work, come home, have dinner, get some chores done (if you’re lucky), help the kids with their homework (during school) , and maybe have some downtime before you head off to sleep and do it all over again.

How much of our lives are really meaningful? How much time do you spend actually doing what you want to do? Don’t we all, to some degree, speed through our lives, and before we know it, months and years have passed, and things are not the way we wanted them to be?

So what do we do about it? Well you can complain, which I don’t suggest…or you can use the WATER Method.

You Can Change: What you do every day. Take a little time to just take it slow and realize that there’s more to life than your routine. Maybe take a moment to kiss your spouse, spend quality time with your children or take up a fulfilling hobby. This comes down to time management. You can decide how to spend your time, and use it wisely.

You Can’t Change: How much time you have. You get 24 hours a day, and that’s it. You also can’t change everyone else’s pace, how they see their world, and how they spend their time. You also can’t change how they see you. Its OK; don’t feel like you have to change these things, because you couldn’t if you wanted to. So accept and resolve that you can’t change them.

See, my dog tends to go a million miles an hour when people are around. After a while, she slows down, hits the floor or her favorite papasan chair, and enjoys just laying there, watching us live our lives. Before long, she’ll take a nap and be much like the picture you see above. Maybe people don’t see that side of her, but that doesn’t mean its not there. Maybe others need to see the side of you that wants to slow down and take a moment to breathe life in.

This comes back to the “R” in WATER, Results! You have the results you have because you’ve continued to do, feel and think the way you have over the course of your life. Change just one of those things, and your results can be dramatically different!

Too anxious to change? Can’t slow down? If you have a similar experience, share it here. I respond to every comment made!