Law of Attraction and Santa Claus: How They're The Same.


You know, I like to Twitter. Really, I do. But one thing is getting in my craw and I’m dying to get it off my chest. So without further ado:

Jim Valeri’s Official Rant on The Law of Attraction!

OK, for those of you who don’t know, the Law of Attraction was popularized by the book, “The Secret”. This “Law” basically states that “if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it”.

Wow, what a revolutionary idea. But then something hit me.

This sounds a heck of a lot like Santa Claus.

So let me get this straight. If I sit and wish with all my heart for something, and I truly want it bad enough, then its going to come my way. Because, see,  “the universe” is going to listen to me, and judge that I want it badly enough, and then decide to give it to me.

I’m starting to think that “the universe” has a Naughty and Nice list.

I’m sorry, but I can’t buy into that.

But wait, Jim! Aren’t you a Christian? Don’t you believe in something similar? You know, that whole faith thing?

You got me there! Thing about faith though, is that its not about me sitting there asking Santa Claus for a handout, wishing with all my might that something will come my way. Its more about faith in God and his ability to forgive sins, heal and provide, and that’s based on, you know, the Bible.

I’m not going to shove my religion down your throat, but I thought an explanation is in order. The difference between “The Secret” and Christianity is that the Secret is NOT a religion. It may be for some, and I suppose that’s fine for them. However, religion aside, I like to look at things a little more realistically and try to give people stuff they can apply to their lives.

My biggest problem with the Law of Attraction is that it doesn’t take into account mental illness of any kind.

Can you think of anyone who has more motivation or more desire for things to get better in their lives than someone who is depressed on a daily basis? Or suffering from anxiety that paralyzes them? Would it not follow that if the Law of Attraction worked, we’d see a lot more people beating the broth out of the alphabet soup of mental illness?

If you buy into the Law of Attraction, are you seriously going to sit here and tell me that if someone wants to feel better enough, that eventually they just will, because the universe will grant them that feeling? Or that the universe will somehow change their chemistry or their past history, and somehow make it all better? Can anyone honestly say that the Law of Attraction can cure mental illness?

The bottom line here to me is “the message of the Law of Attraction” and not the Law itself.

Anyone who has a message is trying to sell you something or change your thinking or behavior. Even I am trying to sell you on the idea that the Law of Attraction is kind of like Santa Claus. Why am I trying to do this? To get you to think. See, I’m trying to change your thinking, and I’m only doing it because I think you’re kidding yourself if you think that wishing your way out of problems is going to make them go away.

This goes with anything else: money problems, relationship problems, personal problems, etc. Most things don’t go away or come your way without a little elbow grease. Anything worth obtaining is worth working harder or smarter for.

If the Law of Attraction puts you in a positive frame of mind, then ignore my little rant here. However, I encourage you to consider what these people are really saying. Anyone I’ve seen saying that the Law of Attraction gets them wealth, isn’t wealthy because of the Law of Attraction. Its mostly because they’re trying to sell you on how to use the Law of Attraction in your life. If they really believed that they can attract this stuff without talking about it, then why not go buy an island in the Carribean, sip Pina Collada, and enjoy their success?

That’s what I’d do anyway, and I’ve been wishing for that million dollars all my life. Hasn’t worked yet.

P.S. – I’m not the first guy to say stuff like this. Jonathan Fields talked about this over a year ago, but with more scientific reasons. And I’m using the picture from his blog post, so special thanks to him.

Give me what you got. Am I reading into this wrong? Talk to me people.