Managing Anxiety and Depression: Being Grateful

Everything’s Amazing, and We’re Still Unhappy.


The guy you’re looking at above is a comedian named Louis CK, and if you click on the pic above you’ll get sent to NBC’s website, and the video that this blog is about. So go check it out and then come back (and don’t get sidetracked watching more movies  :).  )

OK, so basically Louis goes on a rant about how everything is amazing, and yet, no one is happy. Despite the fact that this show was done almost a year ago, this actually holds true for today. Think about all the stuff we have: iPhones, personal vehicles, computers, high speed internet, plane flight, and all the other ammenities we have. We’re still unhappy aren’t we. He calls this generation “the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots.”

Are you in this category? I know I am from time to time. Complaining about how slow my internet is; or how long I have to wait in traffic; or how annoying my Blackberry can be from time to time. Sometimes I snap myself out of it, and realize that I actually HAVE a Blackberry, and I remember a time when I didn’t have it, and suddenly I’m thankful for it.

So how do we ensure that we’re not a bunch of spoiled idiots? By being thankful for what we have, and being patient with what’s to come. How do we do that? First, think about how much we complain about how things aren’t going our way, or how we are so annoyed with things not going as fast as we’d like. We don’t even take into account the idea that the world really doesn’t revolve around us or our time schedule. Seriously think about what you take for granted, and write them down if you have to so you can remind yourself about what you have . Bear in mind, these do not have to be materialistic…they can be family, friends, pets, and other greatness in your life.

Second, use this list to counter any thoughts of self-pity when you think about what you don’t have. Seriously, life could be so much worse for you, and sometimes you need to take these ideas into consideration in order to change your state about your life. So many times I’ve run into people with depression who had a lot, but because certain exceptions or conditions weren’t met in their life, they feel as though they’re a failure, or that life isn’t good for them. I usually encourage them to think about what they have and what’s good about their life. By changing your perception of your life, you can change your feelings about your life as well.

This isn’t anything new. The Secret goes into this kind of thing with the Law of Attraction. Now I’m not a big Law of Attraction nut, because I think you get what you get by working hard, not by asking Santa Claus for it and wishing really hard. But being grateful for what you have is an idea that’s older than that: A La Counting Your Blessings (for the Christian readers, this is along the lines of Phillipians 4:8).

I guess my bottom line is, if you can use what you have as a way to take your focus off what you don’t, then you may end up being happier in the long run. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy, find the areas in your life that are already good, and  think about that stuff. Comment welcome.