Stop It! Therapy: Think About What You Can Change

So a long time ago, before HD TV, Bob Newhart played a therapist on Mad TV with a new spin on therapy.

The reason why this is funny is because people usually come to a therapist to figure out HOW to STOP IT. If people knew how to stop it, why would they come to therapy anyway? At the same time, I look at this as sort of the obvious answer to dealing with what we can’t control. If something you can’t control is making you anxious, then stop thinking about it. Seems simple, right?

But then, I consider that some people don’t know how to stop thinking about it. If you look at my previous post, Feeling Overwhelmed: Tools to Reduce Stress, I give some tools on how to manage overwhelming thoughts and change your state so you can deal with today.

I guess my point is, if you don’t like how a thought is affecting you, Stop It, and think about something that is going to help you improve your situation. This method is ironic, considering I just did an interview with Stop And Think Radio and TV, and the theme here is along the same lines. Their bag is addiction of course, but you can’t start doing something new, unless you stop doing the old behavior that got you where you are. You have a choice, so make the choice to improve and change your thinking so you can change how you feel.

What do you think? Comments and suggestions are welcome, provided I’m not a complete noob and erase your comment like I did to the nice young woman who posted earlier (sorry about that, it will never happen again. Note to self: READ your spam folder BEFORE you delete).