Six weeks without TV and internet: Still sane?

So I’m completely surprised that my wife and I have gone this long without TV and internet at our home. It was only a few short weeks ago that she and I made the choice to shut it off. If you take a look at my post from six weeks ago, you’ll get the whole story. But suffice to say, it has been a struggle.

Still, a few interesting things have continued to maintain, and some that my intelligent and beautiful wife pointed out to me just today. Through some miracle, we were able to separate our work time from our play time, which is something I talk a bit about in my free ebook, The Glass of Water: Recognizing and Managing Anxiety. The cool thing about this is that I used to spend all of my spare time doing online counseling, and now that I don’t have internet, I can’t do that, or do billing or any of the other boring parts of my job that I do at home because I don’t make the time to do it at the office.

Additionally, we were able to do some really cool stuff! We were able to work in our garden and nurture some really beautiful flowers.

No, I did not download these from Google Images. Not even kidding, these are from my yard, as a result of our care! How cool is that! Additionally, we read a book together…in a weekend! OK, sure it was a dorky romance novel, but it wasn’t as saucy as many of them out there, and the medieval storyline kept me interested. Quality time? Try hours of reading together!

So I actually do practice what I preach, but how does this affect you? Well, it may be that we make life busy by being TOO available. I’ve had clients tell me that their jobs are asking them to work from home, and they do it because they are afraid of losing their jobs. So they comply, and as a result, they were unable to set this boundary. By meeting with clients at home over the internet, I was never truly free from work, and even my home became a stressful place.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, consider what this can do for you. Consider how much time we spend (or waste for that matter) on the internet or watching television. Life is passing you by while you do these things, and before you know it, that time will be spent, gone, and you can’t get it back. Can you discipline yourself to make time for those you love without shutting these luxuries off? Comments and suggestions welcome!