Tony Robbins' 10 Action Signals: The HOFFA GUILD

I don’t make any bones about the fact that Tony Robbins has been a strong influence in my counseling strategy and my business model (this is actually  a big shout out to the Anthony Robbins Company LinkedIn Group). However, I’m not a Tony Robins expert by any means, and in fact, there are some things he and I just don’t agree on. I do get some value from his Albert Beck-esque usage of reframing your perception and your proceedure to make changes. I have been using concepts from his Lessons In Mastery in session with clients, specifically this Four Step Process to help identify negative emotions and use them to change behavior or thinking.

In case you don’t know, the 4 Step Process is as follows:

1. Recognize the negative emotion you’re feeling

2. Recognize the message this emotion is trying to tell you

3. Be greatful for the emotion (imagine if you didn’t have it) and the message

4. Decide to either change how you think about the message, or what you do about it (you can also choose to do what you’ve always done. Inaction is an option.)

Then he goes on to list the 10 negative emotions, but he reframes them and calls them Action Signals. There was just one problem. I needed to find a way to remember them, and since I’m a massive Acronym geek, I decided to create an acronym to make them easier to remember. Why?  Because…well, its 10 signals! I mean, dang, that’s a lot to remember!

So here’s my acronym to help me remember, and hopefully help you remember them as well.












There you have it: The HOFFA GUILD!

Now this doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Jimmy Hoffa. In fact, if I could, I’d rather come up with a better Acronym, but my feeble intelligence has yet to come up with one that is better than this.

So the challenge to you, oh reader, is to come up with a better one! Is there a better way to remember these 10 signals? I am open to suggestions, so please give your best shot! Comments welcome!