Dreams Don't Leave Breadcrumbs to Follow.

I recently thought about the idea of people “Following After Their Dreams.” Remember when you were in school, and your teachers told you this? If you have a dream, then just follow after it, and it will come true! Its a cute theme, and it follows with the whole Disney idea, that dreams come true if you want them to badly enough. I like the idea, but there’s just one problem:

Dreams don’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow.

In fact, the funny thing about dreams (at least in the daydreaming sense), is that they only really give you the cool stuff. You know, the end game. It is you imagining what life is going to be like once you achieve that dream.

The reason why dreams don’t leave breadcrumbs? Because those breadcrumbs can be full of difficulty, hardship, tough choices, and even some pain. Dreams want you to follow them, but they don’t want you to get discouraged along the way. So they touch our thoughts from time to time, hoping that somehow, we will seek them out even without a trail to follow.

The key to making your dreams come true is not just wanting them. Its seeking them out where they seem most likely to be found, and then taking the time to find them and make them real. Its not easy making a dream come true, and it is a lot of hard work and planning; but don’t lose heart on the trail to your dream, merely remind yourself that when each hardship or roadblock stands in your way, it is there to make you stronger so you are ready and able to make that dream a reality.