The Glass is Half Empty and Half Full

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before: “Are you a glass-half-empty kind of person, or a glass-half-full kind of person?” As if there are only two types of people in the world, and that we are supposed to be judged that way. I was thinking about this analogy today and I thought about something scientific (as I tend to do, you should see how I talk teens out of having sex…”swapping fluids” I believe is the term), and something occurred to me that I always knew, but never really thought of before.

The glass is both half empty and half full.

You can’t just say that the glass is half empty and leave it at that. In order to acknowledge that the glass is half full, or half empty, you, by default, acknowledge the fullness or emptyness of said glass. This means that there is another side, otherwise, the glass would be completely empty, or completely full.

Now of course, you can start saying, “well, then in that case, the glass is completely empty, or completely full.” OK, fine…but now you’re just avoiding the idea that there is an opposite to whatever side you tend to go with.

The point is that you can be amazingly positive and miss the problems you have that need fixing. You can stare all you want at the portion of the glass that’s half full, but in order for it to be “half” there has to be another half. Same goes with the negative piece. You can look at the empty space that comprises the negative elements of your life, but in order for them to be negative at all, there has to be something positive that balances that out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Take a look at both. One can not exist without the other. Don’t be so caught up in being positive that you miss the boat on reality. Don’t be so negative that you miss what’s good about you. Both of these are necessary for balance in life, a yin yang if you will. Without them, life is the same…all the time…with no changes in sight.