"Tough Economic Times"

Its become a catchphrase among the newscasters as of late. “We’re all suffering from these TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES.” I hear it from clients every day. “There’s no jobs, so why bother looking?”

Its this kind of defeatist attitude that continues to fuel depression in so many people. Without a doubt, there have been some serious job cuts, losses in 401K’s and bank losses. Yes, there have been losses on so many levels, but to allow those losses to overtake our emotions and cause us to lose our minds can lead to further losses.

We must keep focus on the areas of our lives that we can control and improve upon. I encourage you to defy the “tough economic times” and go out there and find employment, cut back on things that aren’t as important in your life, and get frugal!

Sure the times are tough, but you can get through them if you keep your wits about you.