A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Children look to us to make good choices, and help them understand themselves, their feelings, and the purpose in life. It saddens me to see stories like this one surface about an 8 year old boy who shot his father, and a man who rented a room from his father.:


The story goes on to say that it is unclear as to whether or not the child was abused. It also states that the murders were pre-meditated. This stands to raise a few questions:

Was it nature or nurture? Was this child sociopathic, or did he feel trapped, with no way out other than to end these lives? If he was not a sociopath, what drove him to do what most adults would have trouble doing? Until we know the truth, I suppose we could speculate all day.

I call this a parent’s worst nightmare, because the idea of raising children is to do your best to ensure that they are safe, but also that they don’t make terrible choices they will live to regret. At least that’s my impression of what raising a healthy child should be.

I would encourage most parents who have a bleak outlook on their child’s future, to think about this case in context with your own child’s life. Remember, you’re still alive, and when compared to this case, that counts for something. It means that as long as you can develop a relationship with your child, perhaps there is hope for them to become happy, healthy and making good choices.