"I don't have to tell you things are bad…"

The words of Howard Beale seem to ring true even today, even though the movie “Network” was released over 30 years ago. “I don’t have to tell you things are bad, everyone knows they’re bad.”

Now I do agree on one thing, that in order for things to change, you’ve got to get mad. Or scared, or concerned, or frustrated. Why? Because in my experience, people don’t change unless they are uncomfortable. Think about it. If you were comfortable, why would you want anything to change? Sure you could make things more comfortable, but really, why risk it? People only seem motivated toward change when we are uncomfortable.

I’d encourage you to focus in on areas that are in your control during this tough financial time. A lot of people I come in contact with are scared, confused, and uncertain about how to spend their money, and what lies ahead with the upcoming election. If you keep a cool head about you, and stay focused on your locus of control, it may be that all the things that could make you mad or fearful, could just be your fuel to you moving on what’s in your control.