Things Not Going Your Way…Even for a Counselor!

I go on a lot about things not going your way, and how to handle it.

Then something didn’t go my way today, and I really felt the burn of disappointment. I tried all the methods I could to try to reduce being upset, but I just couldn’t shake it. Something was up.

I realized it takes a bit more dedication to practice what you preach when things don’t go your way. As I sat and took a deep breath, I realized that all the things I was upset about were things I couldn’t control…at least not right now.

It took me a bit to manage the problem, but I was finally able to refocus.

I guess my point is, despite all my training and knowledge and whatnot, even I have my off days. I think the key was to not let the rest of the day escape me because something didn’t go my way earlier that day.

And it didn’t. Life went on, and so did I. Its like going over a speed bump. When you go over it, its unpleasant, but you don’t stay on the bump, you keep moving.