Want to change how you feel? Change how you think!

A lot of people come to therapy looking to change how they feel. In fact, a large percentage of people who seek therapy are looking to manage feelings of depression or Anxiety. Are you one of these people? What do you think determines how you feel on a daily basis? A lot of people blame their family, their job or their situation. Some people just feel as though its how they’re supposed to feel and don’t believe they can make changes at all.

This is where I challenge people to look beyond their feelings and think about what they are really saying to themselves. Think about what you say to yourself every day. Is this not how you think about yourself and the world around you? Now think about how each of those thoughts makes you feel. See how thoughts and feelings are connected?

A good way to try this is think about something that makes you happy. Just from that statement you’re excercising the ability to change your mood, merely by thinking about a happy moment in your life.

What if you thought about something that made you happy every time you felt depressed or anxious? Imagine how that could change the way you think, and ultimately, the way you feel!