That's Not Fair!!

I’ve heard so many children say this over and over again. This course of thinking got me wondering:

Who told these children that life was fair to begin with?

Well, where does fairness come from? I suppose it comes from the idea that there is a sense of right and wrong. That much I suppose is reasonable. But that’s about where it stops. See, somewhere along the line, someone told children this bizarre, idea:

“We are all unique and different, and yet we are all the same.”

Huh? I don’t get it. We’re the same and different at the same time? Amazing!

What happens with this strange little white lie, is that children start to believe (and regretably some adults) that everyone is supposed to have the same stuff, so as a result, they start complaining to their parents about what they don’t have, because their friends have (place newest, coolest item here), and they don’t. Somewhere they got this idea that because the world is fair, they should have those things too. And this idea of fairness comes from the idea that we are all the same, and thus, all should have the same.

But the reality is that we are not all the same, are we? What I try to do to help children is let them know that as much as being just like everyone else is so important, we fail to forget the first part, that “we are all unique.” And if the world were really fair, who would determine said fairness? What is fair or just differs between people…another thing that makes us different.

If we start telling our children now that we are not all the same…that we are different in so many ways, and that people making different amounts of money based on education and talents is a good thing, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop wanting to be like everyone else, and they may just want to make their own mark on the world…in their own unique way!